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Over a number of years, we have undertaken extensive programmes of transformation of economies in countries like Poland and Bahrain, which have led to diversification, inward investment and marked change in economic growth. 

In Poland we worked in 16 cities. But later, we worked in 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our work in Middle East Gulf, created the modern economic and industrial strategy for Bahrain with impact on the region.




Our multifunctional programme of design, architecture, engineering, technology, finance and community engagement in South Africa, is the basis for a multibillion inward investment in a new city. 

This work covers all aspects of the UN Sustainability Goals and many future looking developments such as Affordable 3D Printed Housing, Clean technologies, Future Foods, Novel Transportation, and Health and Physical Securitisation. 

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During the Global Pandemic, Imaginatives has worked pro bono with a wide variety of Government and private sector organisations to address issues and seek solutions to crucial challenges. Like Diagnostic Testing, Vaccines and Drug Treatments.

Emerging from this work are a series of new initiatives. Many have direct application in Low-to-Middle Income Countries , where the ongoing problems of healthcare systems remain both acute and chronic.

Creative new solutions in distributive healthcare is vital to allow communities to thrive.

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Future transport from advanced technology is a rapidly moving field, which has long been an interest of Imaginatives. Our team was one of the first to imagine and engineer one of the earliest electric vehicles more than 15 years ago, the multi-award winning ENV motorbike. And we also pioneered all electric flight through our design and co-engineering of an airplane with partner Boeing - a plane flown by a NASA test pilot.

Much has happened since and our portfolio of interests and design engineering embraces vehicles of all types, including the latest in public transport - everything from trackless trams to tuk tuks.