Rapid action for the pandemic & beyond 

The global covid-19 pandemic has been devastating, with massive loss of life, almost everywhere. There are many lessons to learn. Principal among them is that we all entirely connected and interdependent. A crisis for one is a crisis for all.

The pandemic has shown that we are ill prepared. And it has further highlighted the severe imbalance in general healthcare provision across the world. 

Much more now needs to be achieved to address these issues.

Imaginatives is involved in key aspects of diagnostic testing, vaccines and drug treatments linked to the pandemic and the future. And we are developing micro-healthcare initiatives for Low-to-Middle Income Countries in particular.



The cutting edge of molecular genetic testing for a wide range of diseases from Newcastle-based QuantuMDX can produce results in 15 minute tests in a desktop, portable, battery powered device usable by anyone. With support from Imaginatives, this company now has the most advanced and accurate test for Covid-19 on the market. In fact more than 2 million tests are already available and destined for Low-to-Middle Income countries. This is a game changer, where real-time viral mapping becomes possible with whole site screening for aircraft, offices, borders or any gathering. 

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Imaginatives has been engaged in a programme to deliver micro-healthcare to African nations through the adaptation and swift deployment of containers to create campuses capable of handling the pandemic and forming the nucleus of future community hospitals.

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Imaginatives is sole private sponsor of a nanotechnology programme of collaboration between various departments within Imperial College London and Lomonosov Moscow State University to develop nanotechnology with the promise of inexpensive spot tests for coronavirus and others diseases.


Original research into the epidemiology of Covid-19 has been undertaken by Imaginatives Deputy Chairman. In collaboration with the  national leadership in drug therapies at Cambridge and Oxford universities, proposed drug candidates from this work are now under consideration for clinical trials.

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