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Dr. Harry Bradbury
Executive Chairman

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Dr. Harry Bradbury was a leader of three of the world's largest advisory firms.


Global experience in professional advisory services for Companies, Governments and Development Banks over more than thirty years.


Specialist in Sustainable Economic Development. Deloitte (Managing Partner for 20 countries); Booz.Allen& Hamilton (EMEA Leader, World Technology Business based in Paris); and AT Kearney (Emerging Markets Leader based in London).


Created and led business and managed teams in London, Paris, Warsaw, Moscow and Johannesburg. Founder and Chairman of two private start-up companies.


Founder & CEO of two award-winning, London Stock Exchange-listed, Anglo-American groups of clean technology and service companies.


Chief Economic Advisor to the Kingdom of Bahrain Government. Led creation of national industrial and economic growth strategy, Economic Development Board and Vision 2030.


Yale University professor and creator of a Foundation for Yale, Harvard and Cornell universities registered in New York, and another for Northwestern University in Chicago.


Bachelors and Doctorate degrees. Various Fellowships and Memberships. Newcastle University Business School Professor of Practice. Non-Executive Director USA and Middle East corporations. 

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