Imaginatives is based in London’s Covent Garden, an area with a rich history back to Saxon times. Royal Opera House, Royal Ballet, Charles Dickens, Samuel Pepys, The Apple Market and Theatreland. This historic centre remains the heartland of British creativity.

The Group also has working offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, since Roman times a major city in the region from which the Industrial Revolution emerged. Birthplace of coal, electric light, steam power, steel, ships and chemicals, now world class in digital and knowledge industries.

So our roots are solid.

We've led the big league global organisations. Now we have the freedom to deploy our imagination, not simply our manpower.

Imaginatives brings three decades of global experience to bear. Its professionals were there to pioneer Sustainable Development long before the United Nations goals were formulated. And before it was fashionable.

We were there to help Central & Eastern European nations to transition from Soviet control to EU accession and globally competitive economies.


We were there to create the economic vision and masterplans to move Arab Gulf States from oil dependency to future diversified economies.

There to imagine then create some of the world’s first clean technologies and first electric vehicles.

There to advise and act for many of the world’s largest corporations, many Governments and most large international banks across the globe in investment and growth.

And now we are here to help in every aspect of sustainable development, everywhere. To be creative, often from a blank canvas.

To join the dots to take programmes from concept to completion. To cover everything that's required, whether design, engineering, technology, investment, infrastructure, social or other key elements. We work on all aspects of sustainability.

Our interest lies in delivering future focussed 

objects and objectives at scale, with lasting value, that truly make a difference, especially to those who need help most. 

We're interested in the big things, the big challenges and the biggest differences to be delivered in the shortest time.

If you have a blank page, let us paint you a picture.



Creatively handling complexity